BA&SH…3 consonants and 1 vowel for 2 talented designers who have had an enormous success since they took the risk to create a clothing line that is both simple and chic.

Childhood friends, Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief love fashion, traveling and meetings of all sorts. It was in July 2003 that they decided to create the “ideal closet” by designing clothes that they felt like wearing everyday. Subtly mixing designs that are simple and feminine, using soft and natural fabrics, their collections are light in spirit, but chic, romantic and modern.

They follow their instincts and desires. The collections are not trendy, but constant: prints, fine fabrics such as shear cotton, cashmere, and silk presented in fine cuts and shapes. With a strong sense of identity and image, Barbara and Sharon decided to also develop an “urban chic” accessory line to complement their collections.

The Printemps, The Bon Marché et Franck&Fils were charmed by the first collection, a store rue des Saint Pères at Saint Germain des Prés opened the following year, and now more than 200 wholesale clients worldwide exist less than 3 years after the creation of BA&SH. BA&SH has grown rapidly and is today considered one of the “must haves” in the fashion world.

The designers have opened a second store, rue des Francs Bourgeois and have relocated their offices to the 3rd arrondissement of Paris close to Place des Vosges.

The showroom is designed to reflect their image, pure, simple and natural. Ever guided by their desire and search for pleasure, the designers and their young label continue their assent and are planning on opening new shops worldwide.